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Petty Debts

The Petty Debts Court allows certain types of claim to be decided by the judge, usually without the need for an advocate. Please note that if you decide to instruct an advocate to represent you in the petty debt case, the Court will rarely allow the costs of instructing an advocate.

This part of the website has been divided into sections to help you find the information you require no matter what stage the proceedings you are at. As a general guide you should read all parts of this website completely before you begin proceedings.

What is a petty debt claim?

How do I decide if I should issue a petty debt claim?

How do I start? (Completing the application form)

What happens next?

What happens if my claim is settled before the Court?

What happens in the Court? (Procedures at a contested hearing)

I have been successful, what happens now?

Petty Debts - Contact

Fees and forms