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I have been successful, what happens now?

If you have been successful, your Act of Court will be sent to you within 10-14 working days. This will also apply for contested hearings.

The Act of Court will contain the judgment of the Court stating the amount of the claim that the Defendant should pay you. The judgment also gives permission for the assets of the Defendant to be arrested.

What happens if the Defendant does not comply with the Order?

The Defendant should pay you the amount ordered within a reasonable time, usually between 14 and 28 days is considered acceptable. If they do not you may request enforcement action by HM Sheriff for which a fee will be charged.

The range of enforcement measures should be discussed with the staff of HM Sheriff. It should be remembered that although you may have won your case in Court and obtained a judgment in your favour, it does not guarantee that the monies owed to you are paid quickly. This may depend on the circumstances of the Defendant and their ability to pay straight away or in full.