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Enforcement - Step 1

How do I request enforcement action?
The original Act of Court should be taken to the Office of HM Sheriff, along with the appropriate fee (see Annex A) where you will be asked to complete a Request for Enforcement form (see Annex B) which provides the detail of the request. 

The Office of HM Sheriff is based in the Royal Court Building and is open on weekdays between 9am and 4pm. (with effect from 1st March, 2012)

Is there a period of time in which an Act of Court must be rendered for enforcement?
Acts of Court should be rendered for enforcement within a set period of time, called the prescription period. The time limits are generally as follows:

  • Judgment by consent or following a hearing  (Acte d'amerci) - 6 years
  • Judgment by default (Acte de vers arrêt) - 3 years.   

However if the Act of Court is passed to HM Sheriff for enforcement outside the period of prescription then HM Sheriff is unable to act and the Plaintiff will need to obtain a renewed judgment. 

Is there a time period by which judgment should be sought? 
There are usually time limits by which a judgment should be taken and this time limit will depend on the type of legal action being pursued. Independent legal advice from an advocate should be sought by the Plaintiff to determine this time limit if a considerable period of time has elapsed or the Plaintiff is unsure.   HM Sheriff is unable to provide any advice in this respect.