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LPA Form A1
Application to create both types of LPA

LPA Form A2
Application to create P&F LPA

LPA Form A3
Application to create H&W LPA

Lasting Power of Attorney Guidance
Guidance for how to create a Lasting Power of Attorney

Lasting Powers of Attorney

Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)

An LPA allows an individual to be able to plan for their future and to put in place arrangements to support them at a time when they may no longer have capacity to make decisions for themselves. Individuals can register two different types of LPA: one for 'property and financial affairs' (LPA Form A2) and the second for 'health and welfare' matters (LPA Form A3) or a combined form for registering both LPA's (LPA Form A1).

The fee for one LPA will be £88.00 or if a person wishes to register both LPAs' at the same time, the fee will be £110.  If it becomes necessary to activate the LPA subsequently, there will be no further fee to pay.

The Ordinance does not require an individual wishing to register an LPA to use an Advocate to complete and register the form, but there is nothing to preclude this if they wish to do so.

How to apply

Application forms for registering LPAs can be downloaded from this page or are available for collection from the Greffe.

Anyone wishing to register an LPA is asked to submit a completed form to the Greffe at or in original paper form to:

The Greffe, Royal Court House, St James Street, St Peter Port, Guernsey. GY1 2NZ.

Registration staff will review the submitted form and then contact the applicant to arrange an appointment at the Greffe.  The Registration team can be contacted on 01481 225277 for any queries.

The full process for application is detailed below; 

  • Download the Lasting Power of Attorney form/s from (paper forms are available on request).
  • The Grantor should complete and sign the Lasting Power of Attorney form/s and the fully completed form, once signed by the Grantor and the Attorneys, should be returned The Greffe by email to: (fully completed paper forms should be submitted, once signed, to The Greffe, Royal Court House, St James' Street, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 2NZ)
  • Receipt of completed Lasting Power of Attorney applications will be confirmed within 14 days
  • Registration staff will contact the applicant to arrange an appointment to attend at the Greffe. You will need to attend with proof of identity (photo ID). The appointment will confirm that the application process has been completed correctly and that you wish H.M. Greffier to register the LPA. Payment of the relevant fee(s) will be taken at this time, so that the LPA(s) may be registered.
  • If a Grantor is unable to attend the Greffe for the appointment then a home visit can be arranged.  There is an additional fee of £165.00 for this service.

Further details can be found on the States of Guernsey website here.