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Registration of Deaths

Contact details: and +44 (0) 1481 225277

Registration of Deaths

Every death that occurs in the Island must be registered at the Greffe within 5 working days of the death.

A funeral director (undertaker) is usually appointed by the family or next of kin of the deceased and they will register the death at the Greffe. The funeral director will complete a 'Declaration of Death' on behalf of the family or next of kin.  

If preferred however, the family or person who has superintendence of the funeral can register the death with the Greffe.

Submitted with the Declaration of Death is a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death (prepared by a medical practitioner who has been in attendance during the deceased's last illness); again submission of this is normally co-ordinated by the funeral director. 

Burial Permit and Death Certificate

Upon receipt by the Greffe of the Declaration of Death and the Medial Certificate of Cause of Death, a burial permit is produced by a Registrar-General. This is normally collected from the Greffe by the funeral director.

A Death Certificate is subsequently produced by a Registrar-General and is normally collected by the funeral director on behalf of the family; a death certificate costs £30.00


Every stillbirth must be registered at the Greffe within 5 working days of its occurrence. A funeral director (undertaker) is usually appointed by the family and they will register the stillbirth with the Greffe.

The funeral director will present a 'Declaration of Still Born Child', completed with and signed by the parents, and a 'Certificate of Stillbirth' which will have been completed by a medical practitioner.

A Registrar-General will subsequently produce a burial permit and a Certificate of Still Birth Registration which will be returned to the funeral director (there is no charge for the certificate).

Obtaining a historic Death Certificate

If you require a historic death certificate it costs £30.00 and you can order a copy by phoning the Greffe on +44 (0) 1481 225277. You can make payment by card over the phone and the certificate can either be posted out to you, or can be collected from the Greffe. Alternatively, you can request a copy by attending at the Greffe and paying at the counter, by card, cash or cheque; certificates are usually available the next working day.

How we share notification of a death

Once a death has been registered in Guernsey a number of relevant Government departments and other organisations are notified by a Registrar-General.