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Legal Aid Leaflet
Frequently Asked Questions about Legal Aid in Guernsey

List of Legal Aid Advocates
List of Legal Aid Advocates

Guernsey Legal Aid Service

Guernsey Legal Aid Service (GLAS)
Legal aid can provide access to free or reduced cost legal advice in criminal and civil cases if you could not otherwise afford an Advocate.

There are three types of legal aid available:

The Duty Advocate
If a person is arrested or is a volunteer at the police station or customs, then they may consult the Duty Advocate who is on call 24 hours a day and is free of charge.

The Duty Advocate is also available at most  sittings of the Magistrates and Juvenile Courts for free consultation (excluding the Traffic Court and Petty Debts Court) . If you choose your own advocate rather than the Duty Advocate then you must pay for that consultation yourself.

"Green Form"
Advice and Assistance is limited to 2 hours and can be used to obtain advice, prepare a case, have representation at court, or prepare a legal document. Advice and assistance is means tested.

Full Legal Aid
This usually covers more complex cases and is both means and merit tested.

Legal aid is not available for any matter outside the Bailiwick of Guernsey.

Even if you do not have to make any contribution to your legal costs as the case progresses, GLAS is entitled to reimbursement of all the legal costs if you gain or keep any assets as a result.

Green form and full legal aid do not cover all matters and you should check availability with your advocate or GLAS.

For information regarding the rules related to Legal Aid, please click the following link: The Legal Aid (Guernsey and Alderney) Rules, 2019

GLAS will be able to answer any questions you may have concerning legal aid in the Bailiwick at:


Edward T Wheadon House

Le Truchot

St Peter Port



Tel +  44  (0)1481 227530




The offices are open Monday- Friday 8.30-4.30.

The Legal Aid Administrator is Ms Lucy Haywood