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Conveyances and Bonds

His Majesty's Greffier is the registrar of property transactions, including all conveyances and some leases.  He assesses the Document Duty payable on these (and other) transactions and acts as agent for the States of Guernsey for the payment and collection of this Duty. 

The Registry team at the Greffe undertake a variety of duties in this area, including:

  • Registering conveyances, charges on realty and wills of realty
  • Collecting the duty and Court fees that may be payable on conveyances (and other documents) that are registered 

The Registry is open to the public on weekdays between 9am and 4pm. 

If you have any queries on the above matters, you can contact the Registry team at the Office of HM Greffier by telephone or email.  Alternatively, further information is available by following the links below.

Document Duty