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Document Duty

Document duty is payable on prescribed documents that are presented to the Court.  Document duty is set by the States of Deliberation by way of an Ordinance.

There are several different rates of duty that are payable.  One of the most common instances is the document duty payable on conveyances of realty.  Here, the level of duty will usually vary depending on the value of the transaction involved.  However, there are exemptions to this.  

In other instances, the document duty that is payable may be either a fixed sum or a fixed percentage. 

Full details of the different prescribed documents and rates of document duty that can be payable are set out in the Document Duty Ordinance, 2003 (as amended).

Your Advocate will be able to advise you on the rates of document duty that are payable.  Alternatively, please contact the Greffe for further information on +44 (0)1481 225277.