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Royal Court Building - Technology

Digital Audio Recordings
Digital audio recording systems are operated in all of the Courtrooms at the Royal Court building.

These systems record all court sessions, which are then stored on a secure networked service.

Practice Direction No.4 of 2015 sets out that there is generally no right, either for a party or non party, to listen to or receive a copy of a recording. For further information please refer to the Practice Direction.

Video Conferencing
Video conferencing facilities were installed at the Royal Court building in 2008/9. 

The system is available in the two main criminal court rooms.  A mobile system is also available for use in the civil court rooms.  The system is also connected to the Guernsey Prison at Les Nicolles.

The system allows a prisoner being held on remand at the Guernsey Prison to "appear" at the Court by video link instead of attending in person. 

The equipment also enables expert witnesses from outside Guernsey to give their evidence to the Court without having to travel to the Island. 

Subject to the permission of the Court, vulnerable witnesses can elect to give evidence via the video link system.  This is especially useful if a victim is too scared to give evidence in court in front of the defendant.